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Scheme of work secondary school

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We will get through this together. Updated: April 12, References. A scheme of work is a plan for instructors to outline what they will teach during an academic term or period.

To write one, check to see if your institution has a template or specific requirements. Otherwise, look online or draft your own. Review course materials, set up academic objectives, and collaborate with students to plan a schedule that will suit them best.

Break down the overall learning experience into unit plans, and plan around conflicts. When creating a scheme of work from scratch, what information should be documented in a column?

You should definitely include some way to delineate by intervals in your scheme of work, whether by date or by lesson number. Guess again! Try again! Yes, the overall subject matter of a unit should be included in your scheme of work with its own column. There are other important pieces of information that should be documented as well, though! Pick another answer!

You absolutely should track assessments in your scheme of work, so it gets its own column for sure. However, there are other kinds of information you should be keeping track of in the scheme of work additionally!

Intervals, objectives, topic, assessment, and more should receive their own columns in a scheme of work. Also be sure to include columns for remarks, resources, learning activities, and lesson content! Read on for another quiz question. The S.

Schemes of work

According to the S. Not quite! Students have particular needs, so an academic objective suitable for one class might not me suitable for another. Try again A great academic objective is specific. It describes exactly what students will have accomplished by the end of a unit or lesson. The more specific your objectives, the easier it will be to map out a scheme of work for accomplishing those objectives.

Think a little harder. The answer would be something that describes what a great learning objective would be like. For about how long would you schedule a unit on the Industrial Revolution in a high school British history course? This might be the length to schedule for one lesson. Units should be scheduled for longer intervals. Click on another answer to find the right oneAll secondary schools in Nigeria operate with a scheme of work. The scheme of work is a guideline that defines the contents and structure of academic subjects.

The scheme of work for secondary schools in Nigeria, whether Junior or Senior secondary school, maps out in clear terms, how resources, for example, the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, teacher-talk, group work, practicals, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, quizzes, Questions and Answers, homework and even up to midterm breaks for the session ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly for the academic session.

It is the complete guide on all academic activities enforced by the Federal government of Nigeria through the ministry of education on all Junior secondary schools in Nigeria as it relates not just to the subjects but the academic session as a whole. It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

scheme of work secondary school

Scheme of work for junior secondary schools in Nigeria are practically the same for both private and public secondary schools in Nigeria ranging from JSS1 to JSS3, that is, the scheme of work for a private school is the same with that of public or government owned secondary schools, principals and teachers in secondary schools in Nigeria are to adhere to the approved scheme of work as mandated by the ministry of education.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provide in full details, the government approved scheme of work for all subjects offered in Junior secondary schools in Nigeria.

If you are interested in starting a school in Nigeria, this would greatly help in guiding you as regards coming up with the approved scheme of work for any subject offered in JSS1 JSS2 and JSS3. Please note that these scheme of work are the approved by Lagos state government and other states in Nigeria.

Meaning of marketing and market Types of agricultural market Problems of marketing agricultural Produce in Nigeria. Management requirement in animal husbandry Soil conservation, methods factors of loss of soil fertility. Food and nutrition — food nutrients Food hygiene and food preparation Managing of family clothing Household linen.

This is the government approved scheme of work for all Junior secondary schools currently in Nigeria, we will make the word document and PDF file available soonest for free downloads.

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Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like LoadingApr 20, Annual release of funds to upgrade. Jan 6, Week Drawing Practice. WEEK1 Revision of last term examination. The following suggested scheme of work is pitched at S5. Scheme of. Teacher Education, The corresponding norms and approvals under the Scheme Schools. Number of. Scheme of Work. This is an exemplar scheme of work which supports the teaching and learning of the. Sec 1. Page The paper 1 mark scheme.

Download lagos state scheme of work for secondary schools document. On this page you can read or download lagos state scheme of work for secondary schools in PDF format. Suggested Schemes of Work for the Elective Part of the Teacher Education Planning Handbook Suggested Document Share It Download Nokia Download Shareit For Nokia Shareit For Nokia Shareit App For Nokia Nokia Shareit Random Document ex 7a rs agrawal solution of class 9 september limpopo geography p1 grade 12 download life orientation task 2 project grade 12 gina wilson algebra unit 2 test 13 o n 14 mark scheme may june hg physical sciences memo life sciences grade 12 april assignment memorandum vhembe district civic textbook pdf sesotho grade 12 p1 accounting grade 11 paper term 3 september life science memorandam p1.

If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form below: Find.Here we have another topic about education. Since the curriculum represents the total experiences to which all learners must be exposed, the contents, performance objectives, activities for both teachers and learners, teaching and learning materials and evaluation guide are provided. However, teachers are encouraged to enrich the contents with relevant materials and information from their immediate environment, but adapting the curriculum to their needs and aspirations.

Thus the curriculum can be adapted for such special needs as nomadic education, non-formal education and education of the physically challenged. Key concepts in the former curricula will now form integrating threads for organizing the contents of the new subject into a coherent whole. English Studies. Basic Science and Technology. Cultural and Creative Arts. Music, Drama and Craft 6. Business Studies. Nigerian Languages.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Please need scheme of work, for civic education jss Thanks, I hve received the scheme of Work. Please past questions in English, mathematics and fine art would help my students. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Hi, please contact us on WhatsApp:sorry for the inconvenience.

Want to download schemes but u have made it complex even after paying. Mara donate. There is no direct way of downloading ua documents. Are there schemes of work for French? I need schemes for F1 to F4 Do contact me and tell how i can pay for them. Hi am Dan and am interested with revisions Question because at the end of October am a candidate please assist me.

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scheme of work secondary school

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scheme of work secondary school

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Schemes of work for Kenyan secondary schools

Forgot your password? Get help. I have paid for schemes of work yet those fields are not active. I paid for all the schemes and not able to download nothing. I need to download scheme of work for secondary school so me the way. Where do you download from…the no. How long after paying do I have to wait before I get the notes? Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!Best Salaams, Mall. Jameel, Thanks a lot for this blog generally and the excellent piece above.

scheme of work secondary school

I see this as an intelligible brief and reference point for professionals in the education sector, but also for parents too at home. However, I became a bit worried that what we lack in Nigeria are not the intellectuals like you, and not even the very good pieces as presented in the above scheme of work for teachers. Your piece reminded me of a discussion I had recently on the same issue with some friends in Nigeria we together read an email I received from my daughter who just started her SS1 in Scotland.

She was briefing me in the email the outcome of the "Work Experience" programme they underwent. This is what they start here right from their Secondary School level. Her narrative, according to my friends who read it, was marvellous both in content and presentation. It was also very inspirational from the system perspective.

But, as said, Mall. Jameel, that has been part of our system too at least in our days. It might not be in the organised and sophisticated manner we see it happening in the UK and other more developed societies across the globe as you elicited in the original article.

I want to say, also, that whatever our private primary and secondary schools will be able to do to inculcate those values, the bigger challenge is how to revive our public school system.

This is because the greater majority of the population still attends the public schools as they cannot afford the private.

Reviving the system should include using your great ideas to refine and up-grade the curriculum being used. I have always thought of a way to go about reviving the public schools system: if we as a nation are serious about this, the Government on power should require all public office holders and particularly political appointees and bureaucrats to, as a matter, of policy, enrol their children only in public schools.

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Does this sound naive? Of course, there is also the issue of the parent responsibility. Most parents unfortunately themselves need the kind of training suggested in the suggested scheme of work.

They, thus, lack the moral standing to perform their part of the responsibility to complement the efforts of the teachers in the school. I will leave the parents in this category to proffer a solution to this challenge. Once again, Mall. Jameel, jazakumullahu khairan.

Enter your commentAs the start of the new academic year is approaching, start as you mean to go on and get on top of your planning with these well reviewed Science schemes of work for each of the sciences.

Get your learners thinking about electricity and electric circuits. My most popular resource includes:. The slides are thoughtfully animated not over-animated to allow opportunities for learners to participate and promote class discussions. These notes fit perfectly with the presentation.

I find this activity keeps lower-level students engaged during the lessons while allowing differentiation for higher achievers. This includes: - Changes in energy stores. For clear detail on aspects of each lesson please review each lesson bundled into the packaged to ensure it meets your requirements. I do update each lesson in the bundle with new and varied content as I often revisit lessons to further improve them.

I have split the entire course into the following 18 topics: similar resources can be found for all topics Topic 1: The variety of living organisms Topic 2: Cells and movement Topic 3: Human nutrition Topic 4: Plant nutrition Topic 5: Breathing and respiration Topic 6: Gas exchange in plants Topic 7: Human transport Circulatory system Topic 8: Plant transport Topic 9: Homeostasis and excretion Topic Human coordination and response Endocrine and Nervous system Topic Plant coordination and response Topic Human reproduction Topic Plant reproduction Topic Inheritance A Genetics B Cell division C Variation, mutation and natural selection Topic Ecology Topic Human influences on the environment Topic Food production Topic Changing organisms.

Skip to main content. Top secondary science schemes of work. Resources team. Share this. International schools. Popular units of work to inspire and help ease planning for the new term in biology, chemistry and physics As the start of the new academic year is approaching, start as you mean to go on and get on top of your planning with these well reviewed Science schemes of work for each of the sciences.

Or customize to fit the needs of your class.

Scheme of work

Hope you find it useful. Your feedback is much appreciated. Aimed at low levels max so simple language and lots of images! Please ask if there are any questions about the lesson structure, as I have completed all of these lessons. Why reinvent the wheel completely! Hope it helps.

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